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To process your request we need to know some informations about your project and your business.
Please fill the form below to help us to develop your request based on your project specifications.

This survey is ONLY for quotation purpose and for FREE.

1. What is the type of your products?

- Examples of answer: shoes, watches, skateboard, etc

2. How many single products do you want to configure with configurator?

- Examples of answer: 15 pair of shoes, 5 watches, etc

3. How many configurable parts with different materials have the single products (circa)?

- Examples of answer: The watch have case, dials, strap, hand and bezel to be configured

4. How many materials can be applied on the product (circa)?

- Examples of answer: 10 metal materials and 4 leather materials

5. What is the types of the material, and is there special material to be applied?

- Examples of answer: leather and metal materials (with also special glitter materials and glass material)

6. Do you have the 3D model file or we have to modelling for you and what software you use?

- Examples of answer: Autocad, Solidworks, obj, fbx, dae, gltf, etc

7. Do you have the textures images/photos (leather, metal, etc) or we have to create for you?

- Examples of answer: 40x40 leather shoot for all materials (in 3000x3000x72dpi jpg)

8. Do you need the possibility to write on the product?

- Examples of answer: possibility to define font, color, formatting, etc

9. Do you need the possibility upload images/photos by the user and put on the product? If yes, how many images

- Examples of answer: User can upload one photo, put on the dials of the watch and to the back also.

10. Do you need the possibility to change parts of the product with different ones? If yes, how many parts change be changed and in how many variants?

- Examples of answer: It is possible to change ferrule of the watch with 3 different variants

11. Do you need the possibility to define different options that don’t impact on the model?

- Examples of answer: It is possibile to choose size, packaging and warranty

12. Choosing a particular action can impact on the final price of the product (change material, write on products, options, etc)?

- Examples of answer: Some materials like metal and kevlar change final price

13. What is the type of integration do you need?

- Possibilities: send email to client and to you for preorder, download pdf for offline preorder, buy via simple paypal button, integration with your ecommerce platform (specify if Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, custom platform, etc)
- Examples of answer: Need integration of your 3dconfigurator into our Magento ecommerce (developed by our website agency)

14. What is the budget of the project

15. Please write link references of other configurators, website, or project examples that will be usefull for quotation.


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