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Welcome to 3DConfigurator.io

After 5 years of hard work we have developed a new 3D technology, originally conceived for the online trading but also opening new possibilities for traditional purchases. Our technology gives customers the chance to customize any part of the product, colours, text, accessories, logos or stickers, and everything else into the web browser and on mobile.

Online 3D Configurator

Now you can give to your customer a 3D configurator for custom orders with a realtime grahics engine in web browser, responsive and mobile oriented.

No fake 360° photos

We work on real 3D model of the product, scanned textures, PBR materials, visual effects and interactive navigation. Not on fake 360° photos.

Any device, any browser

Compatible with all major devices/smartphone and works on all web browsers without any plugins required.


Support english, espanol, deutsch, francais, italian and any other language you need.

No More Adobe Flash player

Built with modern and flexible technologies like WebGL, HTML5 and Javascript.

VR Enabled

Implements a revolutionary VR motion controller using your hands, directly into the web browser.

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Real three-dimensions configuration

Main Features

Change materials and colors

Configure any part or area of your product that needs new materials, textures or colours in a simple and intuitive way

Define components and variants

With a simple object management, you can add or remove components or external accessories to the main object and create many variations.

Set product hotspots

Define hotspots on the 3D model to put the customer’s attention on important points of your products.

Text writing and formatting

Write directly on the product defining the position, format, size and final color.

Upload logos and photos

Upload the logos, images or photographs you prefer by applying them directly on the surface of the model.

3D rotation, zoom and navigation

We use real 3D models so you can browse, rotate or zoom directly in the web browser. Online.

Create PDF order or add to cart

The result call to action can be a PDF order, an email, a direct purchase, an integration to the shopping cart or a webservice call.

Scriptable and configurable

The configurator is completely scriptable and configurable without modifying a line of code.

Options and prices definition

Define options and behavior related to the product by specifying how much they affect the final price.

Demos for 3D Configurator online component


Run online 3D configurator. NOW!

Demos for 3D Viewer online component


FBX model, 4 hostspost, gradient background, 360° rotation


GLTF model, 4 hostspost, color background, ground plane, Y rotation

3D viewer DEMO: BAG

OBJ model, PBR materials, bloom effect, 360° rotation / UNOPTIMIZED


GLTF model, Y rotation, glass effect, integration background, mobile optimized


GLTF model, keyframe animations, sphere skybox, bloom effect, ambient sounds (birds) / UNOPTIMIZED

3D viewer DEMO: TREE

Demos for 3D integration into your website


Wordpress, Magento & CMS integration
Fences Parametric Designer

Other examples coming soon…

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Examples of 3D applications


Any type of fabric could be configured with custom textures and tiles. We also provide a service for wearing dress on dummy guy.

Bikes & Motorcycles

Many part of bikes or motorcycles could be configured with materials, accessories and engine options.

Furnishing and Home

Modern ord old style furnishing could be defined by measures, colors, materials and finitures.

Bags and Shoes

Shoes is one of the best application of configuration technology with colors, materials, accesories and measures.

Watches and Jewellery

Any little part of luxury accessories like dials, rings and so on could be defined and ordered.

Mechanical parts

Any mechanical piece is easily viewable and configurable, from materials to tech movements.

Snowboards and Skates

Colors, kevlar parts, stickers and materials could be defined and configured.

Helmets and Gloves

Riding accesories could be personalized with name, logos and materials

...your imagination

Our web browser 3D technology could be at your service, build on your needs for your produts configuration.

Plans & Prices

Affordable packages for any customers

We provide different types of prices, to fit any needs:

  • 3D Viewer for visualize 3D models into websites with materials, effect, animation and hotsposts.
  • 3D Configurator with standard layout and customizable features for most of the clients.
  • 3D Configurator PRO for custom solutions with service of 3D modelling, optimization, laser scanner, VR integration and so on.
3D Viewer
50 annual
Commercial license
1 model import (<20mb)
6 hotspot identification
3 languages
Ambient & effects configuration
Integration & tech support
3D Configurator PRO
PRO custom request
Commercial license
Infinite PBR Materials configuration
Infinite Hotspot identification
Ambient & effects configuration
Tech support
Custom configurator layout
Infinite configuration step
Ecommerce integration
3D custom modelling
VR and devices integration

Desdinova 3D Engine

Proprietary and custom-made 3D graphic engine

We have written from scratch the graphic engine under the 3D Online Configurator with new and power languages like WebGL and server side components. We have truly experience in web development, game development and startup innovation.

Some features:

OBJ, FBX, DAE, GLTF, SKP importer and common file formats

Standard and PBR (phisically based rendering) material pipeline

Preloading, caching and rendering pipeline

Background configuration and post processing effects

Animations and functionality pipeline

Made with HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, React and Javascript

Interface Boostrap compatible



Don’t you have the 3D models? No problem. We are ready to help you in 3D modeling creation and optimization, texture mapping procedure and animations. We also provide a 3D scan service with local partners.


No idea how to integrate our configurator? We are skilled developers of web applications and portal web sites. We can integrate our 3D products into your ecosystem, cms or ecommerce platform.


Are you an agency or a freelance developer? We can work side-by-side with you to reach the goals of the customer’s project, in a fast and simple way.

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